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Almost any company that uses I.T. Services will know the importance of having secure and reliable resources. The state of your company’s IT services can dictate the overall success of your business and your client’s business.

What Is An MSP?

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider and is a title for any company that MSP’s allow organizations to remotely access their customer’s infrastructure. With an MSP, organizations are able to address specific needs without the need to outsource. 

At KIS, we use and offer access to our available MSP. MSP allows us to better accommodate our clients, promptly address issues, and provide further value to our offerings.

MSP could benefit your company if…
– You want seamless RMM integration
– You want to offer a braided customer portal
– Interactive dashboard would support your team
– Access via a mobile application is important
– You want a hosted Helpdesk that provides centralized 360 management, response, and resolutions.

Could your organization benefit from a high-end MSP? Learn more about MSP with KIS today!

The Importance Of IT Services

  • IT Services helps avoid and resolve technical problems.

This is the base function of IT Services yet is one of the most important. Being able to proactively prevent technical problems with computers or network systems is essential. Proactively establishing the infrastructure to assess, prevent, and fix technical problems is essential for any businesses’ infrastructure. Furthermore, a team of IT professionals are able to actively update and analyze virus protection opportunities. This helps you to maintain up to date and uncompromised programs.

  • Conserves company time on tricky complications.

In a worst-case scenario, being unable to resolve an issue would be catastrophic to many companies. Yes, many companies have staff members with a base knowledge of IT and therefore can resolve minor issues. However, major issues would result in waster personnel and operating times as your team tries to correct the matter. By having a highly-skilled IT professional immediately at your service, KIS can correct the IT issue while you manage the client and staff relationships.

  • A dedicated IT professional speeds up the process.

Instead of calling around to IT Services to resolve a problem, you have a dedicated team that is readily available. Our IT team becomes familiar with your infrastructure so they are prepared to assess the problem. Furthermore, our detailed notes and internal communication ensures that there is seamless communication amongst your IT professionals. By using a specific IT Service, you are more likely to have an experienced team with knowledge of your business.

  • A team monitoring your data storage and network security.

Cloud-based storage has been a rapidly growing means of data storage. Cloud-based storage, such as Google Drive, are very effective for team collaboration. However, it poses a large threat to an organization’s security should it become compromised. Once a cloud-based storage is hacked, there are a variety of risks that can occur. Some risks are:

  1. Information in files are changed
  2. Files are downloaded and spread, risking client or company confidentiality.
  3. Files are compromised by viruses that will continue to infect your computer network when downloaded.

Having an IT Service monitoring and proactively countering these threats is your best option for entirely avoiding a predicament.

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