KIS IT is a one-stop-shop for technology solutions that help businesses navigate and succeed in today’s digital world of work. We are a Managed Service Provider (MSP), offering comprehensive full service maintenance agreements as well as simply break fix solutions. 

With decades of collective experience, KIS IT  provides companies with the technology support, expertise, products and services they need to be productive and proactive – helping them work smarter and more securely and with greater efficiency.


Proven reliable products that can handle whatever you throw at them. Leading edge technology supported by our experienced and knowledgeable Service team.


KIP is a leading global supplier of digital printing and scanning solutions for color and monochrome wide format documents. KIP offers an extensive product range that meets the ever-increasing demand for fast, high quality, cost effective reproduction. KIP advanced product technology leads the market in performance, reliability and value with an exceptional low cost of operation.

KIP is committed to product designs that promote environmental health and sustainability. Our goal is to improve the customer experience by integrating environmental considerations into our business strategy, resulting in superior products. Customers increasingly value environmental aspects of products, such as energy efficiency and emissions reduction. We differentiate our products by integrating such features to reduce total cost of ownership and deliver an improved user experience.


FortiVoice Secure Unified Communications, along with FortiFone IP phones, helps organizations keep up with changing communication needs due to evolving infrastructure, remote/hybrid work, and BYOD. 

Our integrated platform for voice, conferencing, chat, and fax solves these challenges in a way that brings teams together for optimal business efficiency. A mobile-friendly softclient helps connect teams regardless of location. IT has visibility into system performance and the flexibility to optimize communications without increasing resources and costs.


KIS Cameras are a global pioneer in delivering high-performance professional security solutions with tremendous value, has launched an expanded line of 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras, with several models featuring the company’s innovative ColorVu and AcuSense imaging technologies. The new 4K camera series delivers the next generation of high-performance imaging solutions to a wide range of users for mainstream application.


Logiflex is committed to manufacturing products that meet your changing needs. Our modular approach ensures flexible design and competitive pricing.

Quite simply, to offer our customers the best office furniture: a high-quality product adapted to their needs at the best possible price, backed by flexible and helpful service and business relationships.

To ensure quality at every level, the Logiflex team manages all of the company’s areas of activity: design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

What We Do

Managed IT / Cloud Services

Automate the Management and functionality of your Network, Software and your devices. Our IT Team is here to assist when needed.

MFP's / Printers / Wide Format Printers

Our reliable and efficient devices will print / copy / scan and fax your documents quickly, reliably and professionally.

Voice / Camera Systems

Communication is key. Let us show you how simple, adaptable, and affordable it can be to integrate a voice and/or camera system into your Network.

Office Furniture

Complete your office space with KIS Technologies range of modern and spacious office furniture the whole team will enjoy

Cyber Security & Data Protection

Network security is critical. Threats are constantly increasing and evolving. We work with leading edge technology companies to provide you with the most secure and advanced Security solutions

Mailing Systems

Quadient Mail Systems provide high quality, trusted and reliable Postage machines, Folder/Inserters and Shipping software for all of your mail and document requirements.

Blog Discussions


We have created a tool that helps both us the MSP and you the consumer to have a great and safe experience with your devices. Our tool was developed for seamless and zero touch in mind! It is customizable and manages more then just system hardware. Watch our video...

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication protects an individual or business from cyber attacks. Think of two factor authentication like a second password that changes every few seconds. This is important because today more then ever your data is constantly being monitored and...


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Our trusted team brings unique skills and understanding providing you with world class support.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Let us come evaluate your business and make sure you are protected, and get peace of mind.

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