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Cyber Security

We have developed a strategy using both software and hardware to give you the best defense with your business secutiy.


using our partnerships with companys like Fortinet, we will be able to get you the appropriate hardware that fits your business needs today and for the the future.

Disaster Recovery Plans

We look out for your data by making sure your data is backed up to the cloud, if possible its backed up every few hours. We write out a phyiscal plan and put proceures in place for when disaster strikes you will be prepaired.


We believe in the honest upfront approch to making redundancy, from using todays technology to properly backup all your corporate data. Making loosing your data a thing of the past. On our server deployment plans we use a 3 teired appproch to doing this. 1) Raid, using rain in servers prevents data loss if a drive malfunctions of fails. 2) Phyiscal backups are great because they are done nightly and rotated ususally every few days in order to keep a good copy of files which would protect you against attacks, theft and pjusical damange like fires. 3) a cloud backup is used to keep the fiels backed up to a few hours appart. This stratagy will keep you and your business moving forared and a safe and secure way.

Device Repair & Troubleshooting

We use a long lasting trusted method to diagnose and repair your devices that give’s us a leg up on our competition

Quick Diagnostics

Our diagnostic procedures uses the lateste technology to test your devices hardware and to ensure that its running to the best that it can. Going through our diagnostics will result in getting feedback of the overall health of your device, it will also give a  plan to resolve the issue that brought your device in, this may include repairing of hardware or replacing the device.

Honest Help

We take on the approach that is best for you, our client. Repairing a device is not always the best way to move forward. We will make recommendations in your best interest.

Fast Responce Time

As a top-tier support company we make it our mission to respond to any support inquiry within two hours. This means a fast result for any issues your business may face.

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

We use a 3 method approach to backing up and managing your data for your business

Server Raid

For hardware malfunctions or drive failures we use a raid setup to instantly get a business back up and running when disaster happens

Physical Data Backup Drives

Switching physical backups once a week to ensure a good solid backup is stored in office and off site to recover against things like malware and ransomware

Encrypted Cloud Backup

We use a Canada partner that helps in protecting your data with an hourly or daily backup of your most critical business data.

Cloud Services

We are able to offer you the best in Cloud services for your business in the Orillia.

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Network & Connectivity

Weather you are a business with 1 office looking to make sure you are secure or you have multiple offices looking to stay connected accross multiple locations we have a solution for you.

Virus & Spyware Removal

We have a proven method used to properly remove infections off your Window’s and Mac devices.

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